According to the World Health Organization, “Stress” has been called the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century”. With stress comes muscle tension which can cause tightness in the jaw and tension headaches. In the face, stress can be felt behind the eyes and stored in the muscle knot that comes together behind the eyebrow. Browgasm was developed as a treatment to break through this tension naturally, resulting in a more sculpted brow. 

Koko Hayashi, Face Yoga Expert, and Manouk De Vries, Founder of Supercilium, will be teaching you all the secrets about this tantalizing technique that will work the muscles in the face to improve brows from the inside out, including 6 face yoga techniques you can teach your clients. This online course will combine long standing techniques like Shiatsu, Gua Sha and deep tissue massage and provide you with all the tools, knowledge and know-how to execute the Browgasm treatment.


  • Upsell Browgasm as an add on to your current brow treatments and watch your revenue soar!

  • Learn how to remove the stress from your clients face, resulting in a more effective brow treatment

  • Introduce a natural way to reverse the signs of aging without the needles or costly treatments

  • BONUS: Increase customer loyalty with 6 self-care techniques that will keep them coming back for more!


Koko Hayashi

Koko Hayashi

Koko Hayashi, Face Yoga Expert

Koko Hayashi, Face Yoga Expert, was born and raised in Japan where face yoga has been a popular technique for decades as a way to improve your facial skin, muscles and bone structure. With a strong background in Shiatsu as well, Koko is a true master in these techniques. She has been featured in news and popular shows across the US including Shark Tank and Magic for Humans on Netflix. She has celebrity clients such as Kim Kardashian and has been practicing Face Yoga for 10+ years and began teaching in 2018.
Manouk de Vries

Manouk de Vries

Founder, Supercilium

Manouk started Supercilium in early 2017 when she was working as an eyebrow artist at a popular Amsterdam eyebrow bar. The idea for her product grew from the ambition to make all women feel beautiful inside and out by giving them the confidence to embrace their own, unique beauty. It became her mission to make every women in her chair feel powerful. She thinks we should embrace our own kind of beauty. Out of this heart, Supercilium was born.




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  • Do I have to be a Certified Massage Therapist to take this Course?

    This course was designed with the beautician in mind! Certified or not, anyone professional in the beauty industry can learn this.

  • But I currently don't offer massages. How much space/equipment will this require?

    No additional salon equipment or space will be necessary! Only a Gua Sha stone and oils. This is all covered in the course.

  • How long is the massage?

    The Browgasm massage can be completed in 10 minutes before a brow treatment (henna, shaping, lamination, make-up, etc...)

  • How is Browgasm different from traditional face massages or facials?

    Browgasm is a unique, one-of-a-kind massage that incorporates various techniques such as Gua Sha, Shiatsu, deep tissue and face yoga. It focuses on the upper facial area, specifically relieving tension in the brow muscles.

  • Can the Browgasm massage be done on it's own?

    Yes! You don't have to do the massage before a brow treatment. It can be a stand alone treatment, or added on to a facial or full body massage.


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