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    Supercilium Brow Henna is a unique formula loved by brow artists around the world. It’s quick to develop formula is easy to use and preferred by women with busy schedules due to its long-lasting effects.


    You are a professional brow artist who never wants to stop learning! This free course is designed to improve your skills and introduce you to the theory of Brow Henna. (Did we mention it's free?) *This is not an accredited course


Who is teaching this course

Manouk de Vries

Manouk de Vries

Founder, Supercilium

Manouk started Supercilium in early 2017 when she was working as an eyebrow artist at a popular Amsterdam eyebrow bar. The idea for her product grew from the ambition to make all women feel beautiful inside and out by giving them the confidence to embrace their own, unique beauty. It became her mission to make every women in her chair feel powerful. She thinks we should embrace our own kind of beauty. Out of this heart, Supercilium was born.
Barbie Zarraga

Barbie Zarraga


Barbie began mastering the brow in 2011 in her home country of Venezuela. It was her very first job and needless to say, she fell in love! In 2016 she turned her dream of owning her very own salon to life and started her own company, BROWAHOLIC™. Seeking a semi-permanent brow solution for busy clients on the go, Barbie started using Supercilium. She was one of the first members of our Brow Squad and partnered up with Manouk to develop a 6-part instructional series that can be seen throughout this Brow Henna course!

What you will learn

Supercilium is a sophisticated brand. We stand for the finest quality of henna and perfectly defined brows. Our goal is to share our knowledge of brow henna. Together we can become masters and create a world full of beautiful brows. In this course you will learn the theory of Supercilium Brow Henna.

  • The 5 steps you need to know to successfully apply Supercilium Brow Henna to your clients

  • The basic rules to follow when creating that perfect eyebrow shape

  • How to select the perfect shade of henna for your client

  • How to use the product safely, aftercare and tips on how to keep long lasting brows

  • The difference between henna brow vs. natural henna

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